RORO / Container Shipping to Tema, Ghana
Ship Cars, Mack Trucks, Heavy Machinery, Motocycles, Boats, Tractors, Trailers...etc.

RoRo Shipping Tema GhanaRoRo Shipping Tema Ghana

RORO Shipping to Tema, Ghana

RoRo shipping is the cheapest method of shipping vehicles to Ghana, Tema or Takoradi. RoRo ships are vessels that are specially designed to ship wheeled cargo such as cars, vans, or trucks. They have in-built ramps that allow the cars to be driven on or off the ship.

RoRo ships require that the vehicle is able to drive up and down the ramp. This means the car must be able to function properly and make it up the ramp without problems. Once the car is aboard the ship, it will be strapped to the deck of the ship to keep it from shifting around while sailing across the ocean.

Absolutely nothing is permitted to be inside the vehicle. Many people buy cars over the internet and ship them to Tema, Ghana. RoRo car shipping is by far the least expensive way to ship a car from USA to Ghana.

Container shipping to Tema GhanaContainer shipping to Tema Ghana

Container Shipping to Tema, Ghana

Container shipping means that you can export your car in either a 20ft or 40ft container. It is more expensive but your vehicle would be secure in its own container. Also with container shipping, you can put personal items when exporting to Tema or Takoradi.

You can ship you car from USA to Ghana in an exclusive or shared container. With an exclusive container, your cars are the only ones packed in the container. In a shared container shipment, you share the container with other cars that are being shipped from the same port to Ghana.

Container shipments are not available from all of the USA ports.

Container metod is usually more expensive than Roll on Roll off shipping. If you pack personal goods in your car, then you will need to submit a packing list of the goods. The packing list must itemize the goods by category and must include values. As with Roll on Roll of shipments, we will need a Title of Ownership with no liens on the Title.

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